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a QR Locking Solution

The smart Lock for modern Hotels and Offices. Contactless and Innovative. Engineered by hospitality, for hospitality. Cost efficient and modern.

a RMS for dynamic pricing

Fully automated and 100% transparent hotel room price generation. Take back the control over your prices and gain revenue with dynamic pricing!

a Group and Proposal Management Tool

Easy and fast group management tool. Manage every task from proposal/offer until the group or company ends it's stay.

an Accounting data connector

The BMD Connector was made to bridge the gap between Apaleo accounting data and the accounting software BMD. Via the intuitive user interface its easy to create the mapping and configure how the data should be mapped to your BMD accounts

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    Stefan is reshaping the hospitality industry with his disruptive and highly innovative design thinking for a true digital guest journey with all comfortable UX features you ever dreamed of. Ask him to give a keynote!
    Stefan is a highly skilled and visionary CTO in hospitality. He has been building a future-proof tech stack for their hotels based on a leading platform architecture. I can recommend to exchange with Stefan to discuss tech challenges in hotels.
    Stefan is a brilliant thinker when it comes to building digital solutions in hospitality. I had the pleasure of working with him for over a year and enjoyed our discussions a lot.

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