A System developed from a Hotelier’s Perspective.

I’m excited to share with you a tool I’ve been working on called GIMSI, a tool designed specifically for modern hoteliers who want to take group management to the next level.

GIMSI is a group and proposal management app that streamlines the process of managing and creating offers for groups and companies.

Before GIMSI, our reservations department had to use 2-3 different systems to create offers for groups, which was a manual process and prone to mistakes. However, with GIMSI, we can create offer documents for big and complex groups within a few minutes, based on data from Apaleo. This has helped us reduce the time per offer from 30-60 minutes to just 5-15 minutes, with far fewer mistakes and a much better overview.

Our reservations department is now able to handle a lot more groups than before without the need for more employees, and we believe that other hotels can benefit from this tool as well. That’s why i’m looking for partners in our pilot phase to test GIMSI and provide feedback, so that we can make it even better.

I am constantly improving GIMSI by considering feedback from our pilot customers, which been using GIMSI since november 2022 now. I implement all the functionality as generically as possible to keep GIMSI flexible for use by all kinds of hotels.

My roadmap for further development includes features such as sending emails directly from GIMSI, document uploads, internal notes and comments, Apaleo UI integration, and more. I plan to integrate GIMSI with Apaleo Pay to send payment links, set the Apaleo folio routing from within GIMSI, and create a customer area where groups or companies can change the offer themselves, or enter the names of all guests.

I hope that our fellow hoteliers find GIMSI useful and i welcome anyone who wants to join my pilot phase. If you’re interested in testing GIMSI, please get in touch with me. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback and making GIMSI even better!